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Individual Malaysia Health Insurance Plans

In Malaysia, there are two primary forms of individual health insurance coverage: individual emergency health insurance and comprehensive health insurance.

The benefits offered by these two types of plans differ greatly and it is up to you to determine which form of protection will suit your specific needs. Furthermore, all private insurance providers have specific coverage requirements and restrictions particular to their own brands of coverage. It is therefore critical to thoroughly research the numerous options available prior to purchase.

An individual emergency-only health insurance plan (often referred to as in-patient coverage) is the base level of coverage available to a single insured. As the name would indicate, this coverage is not all-encompassing, but instead provides coverage in case of accident or an unexpected illness.

As this type of plan is typically the bare minimum in health insurance coverage, benefits are limited and care for treatments such as preventative medicine or non-critical conditions are usually not included.

While these plans may suffice for those in excellent health or for shorter-term visitors, the limitations placed on coverage can result in much higher medical bills (should medical treatment be required) as many forms of care and conditions are not covered. As a result, most individuals who choose to purchase a private individual Malaysia health insurance plan, prefer plans which offer more comprehensive levels of coverage.

Malaysia's comprehensive individual health insurance plans tend to offer far broader levels of protection than their emergency-only counterparts by providing access to a vast network of medical care provider partners and can even offer whole health protection for the insured individual.

These comprehensive personal medical insurance plans also vary in levels of coverage available between providers, but almost all feature hospitalization and out-patient coverage to ensure that their insured's needs are cared for in any eventuality.

Malaysia Individual Health Insurance Coverage

While options and levels of coverage vary, a common factor that all individual health insurance plans offered in Malaysia have is that they will provide the insured with the peace of mind that comes with being able to access included necessary medical treatment, should the need arise. Please read on to learn more about the personal coverage available to you in Malaysia.

Below are some of the individual health insurance plan coverage benefit options offered by many insurers in Malaysia, click any of the links to learn more about each specific aspect of cover.

This list is not all-inclusive, for even more details, visit the Summary Of Coverage page for more information.

Malaysia Individual Insurance Plan Premiums

Commonly, Malaysia health insurance plans are priced according to age. This means that all approved persons in Malaysia within a certain age bracket will pay the same price for the same coverage. This is to ensure that cost is controlled for the customer and levels of coverage and care remain competitive.

It is important to understand that as the insured ages, their premium will increase due to the expectation by the insurer that they will require more medical care to maintain good health. Click Malaysia Health Insurance Premiums to learn more.

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Malaysia Health Insurance has a wealth of free information at our disposal to help you sort through the numerous coverage options available for individuals in Malaysia. As we have excellent working relationships in place with dozens of health insurance providers in Malaysia, we are able to find answers to almost any insurance related question that may arise. To speak with an adviser just click here, or complete the brief information request at the top of this page and someone from our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.