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Group Malaysia Health Insurance Plans

As the economy of Malaysia continues to grow and employers seek to create more desirable and enticing benefit packages to attract and retain quality workers, the value of offering comprehensive private medical insurance to companies for their employees is further reinforced. By offering quality health insurance coverage, both the employers and employees see benefits, resulting in a happy and highly skilled workforce.

To fill this need, dozens of insurers offer Malaysia group health insurance plans for both small, medium and large businesses and corporations. In general, any group of three or more non-related employed individuals can be covered by a Malaysia group health insurance plan while they are employed by the insured company or business.

Other groups that can be covered by this type of insurance include social groups, sports teams, non-government organizations and schools.

Malaysia Group Health Insurance Coverage

Because group plans are intended to provide health insurance to businesses and other organizations with several members who by nature, tend to have associates of various ages and health conditions, most provider companies will extend coverage to a much larger spectrum of potentially insured persons than many individual or family plans may not allow.

In particular, many private group health insurance providers are willing to disregard the prior medical history of the group's members so that all insured are able to access equal high-quality healthcare benefits. Additionally, such options as dental coverage are usually available at extra cost.

As members or employees of a group or company tend to come and go, Malaysia group insurance packages often have provision for the leaving member to take their coverage with them for a period of time and as long as premium dues are paid on time, they can continue to benefit from their coverage. This is especially valuable for long-time members of the plan as they will not be forced to purchase a new insurance policy, which may exclude all health issues that developed during the coverage period wherein they were part of the group coverage plan.

Generally speaking, group medical insurance plans are highly flexible as every company or organization’s needs and circumstances are different and in many cases, different levels of coverage are even required within the same group. To fully understand your options for coverage and to compare plans available, it is best to speak with a qualified adviser.

Some of the benefits available from a group health insurance plan include:

For even more information about insurance coverage available for your group or company, see our Summary Of Coverage page.

Malaysia Health Insurance Group Premiums

As groups usually have far more members than any other type of insurance plan, the calculation methods used to figure group premiums are slightly more complex. In general, most insurers will base premium amounts on factors related to the number of members the group want to cover, the ages of the group's members, and the regions they will require coverage in. Click here to read more about Malaysia Health Insurance Premiums.

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Selecting the appropriate health insurance coverage for your group or company is a major decision, as it usually represents a significant financial investment. To get the answers you need for your insurance related questions and concerns, speak with one of our advisers by filling in the brief information request at the top of the page, or to access our informational database immediately - contact an adviser right away by clicking here.