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Malaysia Health Insurance Plans

While health insurance is offered by dozens of coverage providers in Malaysia, all of them have one thing in common; the coverage they provide is intended to help the insured in the case of illness or injury to receive needed medical attention by offering financial assistance to offset the cost of care. Beyond this point, the types and levels of coverage provided can vary greatly.

Malaysia Health Insurance Levels of Coverage Available

Almost every company will have varying levels of coverage offered depending on the plan selected, in general all coverage starts with selecting between one of two types of protection. To learn more, read on by clicking on the links below:

After you have decided the level of care you need, you will next have to decide which type of plan best meets your personal situation and requirements. Most coverage plans fall into one of the following four categories.

Malaysia Individual Health Insurance Plans

Individual medical insurance coverage plans are intended to provide one person with an insurance policy to provide access to quality healthcare when it is needed. Typically, individual health insurance plans in Malaysia are very customizable as everyone's needs are different and several levels of care are available. Learn more about your options for individual health insurance coverage by clicking here.

Malaysia Family Health Insurance Plans

Anyone with a family is especially concerned with their well-being. Insurers in Malaysia understand this and as a result, offer many options for family health insurance coverage. Plans are available from various providers to fit a wide array of budgets whilst providing all insured members of the family with access to needed healthcare. Read more about family health insurance here.

Malaysia Group Health Insurance Plans

Group and business medical plans are available to provide health coverage for members of a social group, athletic team/club, NGO, or small to large company. As members of a group are commonly from different backgrounds and may have varying levels of health, Malaysia group health insurance plans can often be purchased with concessions for pre-existing health conditions. Almost all our providers have a very high degree of flexibility built into their offerings due to the large number of options of coverage offered. Click here to learn more about group insurance coverage.

Malaysia Travel Insurance Plans

Since some people are only in Malaysia for a short time and their resident country's healthcare plan does not cover them abroad, a Malaysia traveler's insurance plan offers flexible coverage options to provide them with peace of mind through financial protection and access to quality healthcare while in the country. Plans are available from one day up to less than one year, with premiums adjusted based on length of stay. Additionally, non-medical coverage is sometimes available to cover other aspects of travel, such as loss of property and trip cancellations. Learn more about travel insurance here.

Malaysia Health Insurance Information

Of course, a variety of factors must be considered when selecting the best coverage for your specific situation and over time your circumstances may change, so it is best to thoroughly consider your options and circumstances to be sure that you select the best protection for your specific needs.

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At Malaysia Health Insurance we understand that sorting through the numerous coverage options available can be a daunting task. This is the very reason Malaysia Health Insurance was started; to provide you with easy to understand explanations that help you to make your own decision. If you want to know more about any plan offered in Malaysia, please contact us directly or if you prefer, simply complete the brief form at the top of this page and an adviser will contact you soon.