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Malaysia Health Insurance International Partners

Malaysia Health Insurance is expressly focused on helping residents, expatriates and travelers find information about the medical insurance available to them in Malaysia and provide knowledgeable answers to their insurance-related questions. However, thanks to the efforts of similar groups in other locations, the same type of service is available in many countries worldwide and the list is still growing.

Thanks to the strategic partnerships we have formed and the sharing of access to a large database of coverage details and benefits via the internet, we are able to share our information and experience with many other like minded groups and benefit from their input also.

All of this adds up to a thorough and comprehensive network of advisers who can answer questions and requests for locations around the world, and if we do not have the information immediately, it can usually be accessed very quickly from one of our partners.

This is important because as the world becomes a more international neighborhood, with some individuals finding themselves traveling or relocating around the world at a moments notice, it is nice to know that we can still help them with coverage information, or put them in contact with someone who can.

International Insurance Information Partners

In pursuit of our goal to create a global insurance information resource, Malaysia Health Insurance is continually expanding its partnership network. Some of the groups we are presently partnered with are:

Malaysia Health Insurance Information

Our partnership alliance is always expanding so if you do not see a location you are interested in, please contact an adviser, or send us a brief message via the information request at the top of this page telling us what country or region you need information on, and we will assist you in any way possible to get the help you need.