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Malaysia Maternity Insurance Information

Like most other countries with a high average of secondary-education graduates, Malaysian mothers are waiting longer to start having children than in years past. Still, Malaysia has a high average birthrate by worldwide standards, at 2.7 children per woman.

The majority of Malaysia's mothers choose to have their baby in a hospital, maternity center or woman's clinic. Most of these being publicly operated since the Malaysian Government will cover all childbirth for free at any public outlet, with or without insurance.

In all large cities there are hospitals available in case of unexpected complications, however in more remote areas, a severe complication can be disastrous for mother or child.

Maternity Insurance Considerations

Because public healthcare centers frequently operate at full capacity assisting expecting mothers, many with the financial capability (both foreign and Malaysian) choose a private medical center for their prenatal, labor and delivery care instead.

Almost all hospitals in Malaysia offer excellent medical care, so finding a qualified doctor and birthing center is not difficult. If you opt for private care however, paying for high-quality standard out of pocket can be a different story.

Every mother is rightly concerned with doing all they can to ensure the health of their unborn child and having a safe and easy delivery.

If you choose a private doctor and hospital to assist your pregnancy, a private health insurance package with maternity coverage is highly recommended.

These plans are available to cover doctor's visits, labor and delivery even if complications arise and (depending on insurer) can even include your newborn in coverage from their first day. Visit our Maternity Coverage and Newborn Child Coverage pages to learn more about your coverage options.

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To learn more about important issues that may have a bearing on your pregnancy in Malaysia, or for a suggestion of a high-quality birthing center, talk to one of our knowledgeable advisers. Reaching us is easy, you can either fill out an information request at the top of this page, or click here to talk to an adviser immediately.