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Malaysia Health Insurance » Frequently Asked Questions

Malaysia Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Malaysia Health Insurance is all about information. We believe that no one should make a decision about something as important as their health without a proper understanding of their options and a clear view of their own personal situation and health needs. This is why we have put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about insurance coverage in Malaysia. Read on to see what others are asking, and maybe even find a question you didn't even know you should be asking.

Malaysia Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of healthcare is available in Malaysia?
Malaysia has been a front runner in Southeast Asia for decades in offering ever-improving healthcare to serve the needs of its citizens. The hospitals (both public and private) that take care of the health of Malaysians are some of the very best in the region and many of the private facilities are among the best in the world. In both sectors there is primary, secondary and specialist care available and Malaysia is becoming a hot-spot for medical tourism thanks to its excellent reputation for treatment.

Are the public hospitals in Malaysia safe?
In general, the answer is definitely YES. The public hospitals in Malaysia are staffed with exactly the same level of doctors that the private hospitals employ. The treatments on the whole are similar as well.

Where the difference becomes evident is in the personalized level of service that is often lacking in public care centers. Private hospitals tend to be much more “patient friendly” with more comfortable accommodations and more personalized service, but with a much higher price tag. Ultimately, all must decide for themselves what they value; price or comfort and attention.

Why should I consider private insurance when “universal coverage” is available in Malaysia as well?
With the cost of all commodities constantly increasing, it makes complete sense to keep a close eye on expenses. Each person must consider their own situation when deciding what type of coverage they will be happy with. If you are covered by the government subsidized public insurance scheme you will be eligible for public healthcare only. All private care will be at personal expense, even if the care is due to emergency or if the waiting period for the public care is extremely long.

It is important to note that anyone who is not employed by a local Malaysian company is not eligible for public insurance and cannot take advantage of its coverage. This means that the only choice for persons working for wholly foreign owned entities will need to purchase private coverage for themselves and their families.

What benefits are there to private medical insurance in Malaysia?
The biggest advantage to private health insurance is the peace of mind it comes with. This is because private insurance comes with the guarantee of fast access to needed care at the most reliable high-quality care centers available. In almost all cases, coverage plans in Malaysia come with 24-emergency assistance which will help you find a hospital or clinic whenever you need it, and then help you get treatment without long waiting times or the frustrating hassle of being expected to make up front payment for care if you are inadequately insured.

Additional benefits include being able to access the private healthcare sector, which has a much better reputation for comfort and personalized care and will be much appreciated if a hospital stay of more than a few hours is required.

I'm covered by health insurance from another country, does it cover me in Malaysia too?
Most short-term visitors to Malaysia have coverage from their resident country, but this does not automatically mean they are covered in Malaysia as well. It is up to each person to make sure that their policy includes international coverage by talking with a representative of your policy provider. If you discover that you are not covered by your local provider while in Malaysia, a traveler's plan could be a smart choice, or if you are a frequent traveler then an international insurance plan may be a good fit.

Traveling to Malaysia without coverage can be a risky situation as any care that is needed while in the country will require cash payment, which can be very expensive.

Can I get coverage if I have a pre-existing condition?
Every insurer will have different restrictions and requirements, but in many cases a pre-existing condition can be included in coverage. To answer this question completely you will need to speak with an adviser who can explain the coverage for the specific plan you are interested in. To learn more, visit the Pre-existing Conditions page.

I am visiting Malaysia as one of a few or several stops in the area, can I get coverage for all the locations I will be going to?
Because Malaysia is such a popular tourist destination and many foreign tourists like to visit several locations in the region in one trip, a number of insurers offer coverage designed specifically to fit this need.

These plans are available in two forms, either as International Insurance or Travel Insurance depending on the specific need of the insured and the length of time coverage will be needed. These types of plans are usually very flexible in their coverage, sometimes even covering property and financial losses, and can be tailored to fit your individual trip itinerary.

I will soon be moving to Malaysia, but may also need to move to another location in the future, can I transfer my coverage later?
Because many insurers in Malaysia also offer coverage in other countries, with many even having worldwide coverage available, there is a good possibility that you will be able to find a plan to fit your needs. It is important to discuss any future planned or possible moves prior to purchasing coverage to make sure that the health insurance you are considering will meet your future needs, since coverage between companies can vary widely.

Can I get insurance for my family in Malaysia?
Absolutely. family Insurance Packages are one of the core elements of almost every insurer's offerings and lots of options are available.

I am already covered by an insurance plan but the rest of my family is not. What are my options to protect them too?
In many cases you can add your family to your insurance policy by converting it into a family plan, but this will almost always increase the premium. Another option is to purchase a new family plan just for them, or if you are only covering one person (such as a spouse or child) then an individual plan may be appropriate. In all cases, it is best to talk to an adviser to discuss your options prior to purchase.

I am an employer and want to offer insurance to my employees. What are my choices in Malaysia?
Most major insurers in Malaysia offer group plans designed for just this purpose. Regardless of the number of unrelated employees, many plans can be adjusted to meet the varying needs of businesses in Malaysia, including adjusting coverage as the company grows. Because situations vary so much, it is necessary to have a consultation with an adviser to find out which plan will work best for your company.

If I am pregnant in Malaysia, does my medical insurance automatically cover the pregnancy, delivery and newborn child?
Each insurer will treat a pregnancy differently based on several factors, the largest being when you became pregnant, as most will impose a waiting period before extending coverage. To learn more about maternity restrictions visit the maternity Insurance page.

Fortunately however, if you meet your policy's requirements, then most insurance plans have provisions to cover the pregnancy-related doctor's consultations, delivery and care for the infant for a predetermined amount of time. If you are already planning on starting or expanding your family while in Malaysia it is the course of wisdom to discuss this with your insurer to find out all your options.

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