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Malaysia Health Insurance Waiting Periods

Waiting periods with regard to insurance coverage usually apply to any health issue that may have existed prior to the start of the policy's coverage. Insurers utilize waiting periods to prevent abuse of their coverage by anyone who is in dire need of care and would not otherwise purchase a plan to cover an upcoming treatment for a condition that has not been claimed as pre-existing.

Usually waiting periods imposed on coverage are not very long, only a few weeks to months, as insurers realize that few people are interested in exposing themselves to potential fraud allegations for seeking coverage or reimbursement they are not rightly entitled to, and the insurer needs to offer the best service possible to their insured in order to maintain excellent client relationships.

Types Of Waiting Periods

Each insurance provider company has their own specific wait times for certain conditions, so always research the particular plan you are interested in to see how their restrictions will affect your coverage. Below is an overview of the most common waiting periods for Malaysia health insurance plans.

Pre-existing Conditions are commonly dealt with by a waiting period to establish the likelihood of recurrence, severity of symptoms or flare-ups. If the insurer is satisfied that the pre-existing condition does not pose an overly troublesome risk to their coverage it may be included after the predetermined waiting period.

Dental Issues almost always incur a waiting period of a few weeks to a few months before the policy benefits can be accessed in order to prevent abuse of the plan. At times some aspects of coverage, (such as cleaning) can be accessed earlier than others (such as a root canal) which may be more time sensitive.

Maternity Coverage almost always carries a waiting period. In some cases, up to one year to ensure that a woman who is pregnant before plan purchase is not accessing coverage for what would otherwise be an excluded condition. Maternity is not always excluded in this manner as other considerations (such as the term of pregnancy) may have a bearing on when coverage can begin. To illustrate, if a woman becomes pregnant in the third month of their plan they would not be excluded because she would be expected to give birth in about the twelfth month of her coverage.

To learn more about the specific waiting periods of a plan you are considering, talk to a qualified adviser for complete details.

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