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Malaysia Pre-Existing Condition Health Insurance Coverage

In some cases, insurance coverage has been denied or restrictions are placed on treatments to be included in the plan due to a pre-existing condition. While this practice is still common today among some coverage providers, there are situations where an individual's pre-existing condition can be included.

While there is no guarantee that any pre-existing condition can be included in coverage, most of the time options are available so that pre-existing conditions can be covered by either an increase in the premium cost (to account for the potential for future care of the condition) or by selecting a plan which can ignore all or almost all pre-existing conditions entirely.

Of course every plan and provider differs and many treat the pre-existing condition in their own manner, so it is best to discuss options for coverage with a qualified adviser before making a purchase.

Malaysia Pre-Existing Health Condition Insurance Coverage Options

While the easiest and most cost effective way to deal with a pre-existing health condition is to exclude it from coverage entirely and extend coverage for the rest of the individual or family's health exclusive of the condition, insurers understand that this is not always acceptable or practical.

Therefore, three primary methods of arranging coverage are available for anyone with a pre-existing health condition, as listed below.

Moratorium For Coverage – simply stated, a moratorium is a waiting period wherein the insured is covered against injury and illness for a pre-determined period of time (commonly around 24 months) while the pre-existing condition is excluded. At the end of that waiting period, if no significant symptoms or medical problems related to the pre-existing condition have arisen that require treatment, the policy will be adjusted so as to include the previously excluded condition in its coverage.

Premium Loading – though not as common as a moratorium, there are instances where an insurer will agree to increase the premium payment amount for coverage in exchange for extending coverage for a pre-existing health condition along with the rest of the policy benefits. This is not a very common practice as estimating the cost for potential treatment (should it be required) is very difficult.

Medical History Disregarded – this option is almost exclusively available through group coverage plans, often including more than 20 potentially insured members, where the need to offer the same coverage options for a wide range of individuals is necessary. As indicated by the name, it overlooks all past medical history and extends coverage as if the insured is in excellent health.

Please be aware that not every insurer offers these options for pre-existing condition coverage, and cost may vary greatly depending on insurer, specific condition involved, and other factors such as age. Most of the time, pre-existing conditions will need to be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine if inclusion is possible. For this reason, it is usually necessary to speak to an adviser prior to any purchase to find out what your options are if you need this type of coverage.

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