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Malaysia New Born Child Health Insurance

As every new parent wants to know that their child is adequately cared for and protected from health issues and disease, Malaysia's health insurers thankfully offer options for comprehensive coverage of your newborn infant.

While most plans will feature a waiting period of up to a year for Maternity Coverage benefits (meaning that a pregnancy will not be covered during that time), the waiting period for infants is usually significantly shorter and the young child can often be covered in just a few months after a policy is purchased.

For mothers or families who are already covered prior to the pregnancy, or who are due to give birth after the waiting periods have expired, coverage is often immediate. Read below to find out more about the coverage available for your planned baby or newborn.

Malaysia Newborn Coverage Options

Many Malaysia health insurance plans feature a newborn child coverage benefit that will ensure your infant has access to quality healthcare from the day of their start of coverage. Insurers all vary in their coverage options, below are details to explain the two most common types of cover.

“Born Into the Plan” Coverage – as the name indicates, this type of cover guarantees access to and financial assistance for your baby from the day it is born, even in the case of complications during delivery or if a health issue arises. All that is required of the parent, is to inform the insurer that there has been a birth and the infant will be added as a member of the family with the same rights of coverage as the parents and its siblings. Usually, the only thing that will change is the premium fee to include the new family member.

Complimentary Newborn Coverage – in some cases, a Malaysia health insurance policy will automatically extend coverage to a newborn child of an insured mother for a predetermined period of time as they realize that the baby will very likely be a member of the plan in the near future. The only drawback to this plan is that if your child is born with a health problem or develops one during the complimentary coverage period, it may be treated as a pre-existing condition and could be excluded from coverage once the child is added to the family policy or when a new policy is purchased. Read more about Pre-existing Health Condition Coverage to learn what your options may be in that case.

While no parent wants to consider the possibility of a major health issue affecting the health of their baby, the reality is that problems can arise. To be sure that your child is adequately covered for their healthcare needs, it is critical to understand what coverage a newborn child is entitled to from any plan you are considering or have already purchased.

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