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Malaysia Maternity Health Insurance

Starting or expanding a family is an exciting and happy time, but without proper planning it can also be stressful and very expensive. Malaysia's health insurance providers can help reduce both the stress and cost by covering much of the expense of pre-natal care, labor and delivery, and sometimes even new born child care.

Another benefit of a Malaysia maternity insurance plan is that it can provide access to the excellent care available through the county's many private hospitals, which are usually much more comfortable and offer more personalized treatment for the mother to be.

Without maternity insurance, the cost associated with having a baby in Malaysia can be very high, thus using a private hospital and private doctor is out of the question for many due to cost constraints.

Malaysia Maternity Health Insurance Waiting Periods

Most Malaysia health insurance plans will include a waiting period for maternity, labor, and delivery coverage. It is important to review the policy conditions of the plan you are considering to be absolutely sure that you will not have any problems or be denied coverage if you are planning to have a baby.

Maternity waiting periods for many insurance plans are from the start of the plan's coverage, which means that after coverage begins the woman must wait a predetermined amount of time before she can begin to receive covered treatment for her pregnancy. In many cases this type of waiting period will be between 8 and 12 months. Therefore, someone who becomes pregnant immediately after the start of their plan may not have treatment or doctor's visits covered for the first several months of her pregnancy but with an 8 month waiting period, she would likely have her labor and delivery covered for a normal pregnancy.

Alternatively, and less common, some plans carry an until conception waiting period. This means that the insured woman is not going to be covered for any pregnancy-related treatment for a predetermined waiting period and if she conceives a child during that time, that pregnancy will also be excluded even if it extends beyond the end of the wait time. This type of waiting period is not particularly common, but if you are considering a child it is very important to be aware of all the exclusions the plan you are thinking of purchasing features.

While it may be the case that a pre-existing pregnancy is excluded, in some cases the newborn child can be immediately covered, even if it is very early in the plan's coverage. To learn more about this visit the New Born Child Coverage page.

Malaysia Maternity Insurance Coverage

Some of the key features of many Malaysia health insurance plans which include maternity coverage are:

Some insurers even include fertility and/or conception assistance treatments as part of coverage. Talk to an adviser to discuss a particular insurer's plan details further.

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No one wants to have a stress-filled pregnancy. It is vital therefore, that any woman or family considering a health insurance coverage plan in Malaysia understands their options. This is precisely why Malaysia Health Insurance was started, to make information available about coverage offered in Malaysia and give access to advisers who can help. To reach us just click here to get answers to your questions right away, or complete the information request at the top of this page and someone will assist you at your convenience.