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Malaysia Health Insurance Coverage Limits

Coverage limits vary widely between insurers in Malaysia and sadly, some individuals have been caught unaware and left with significant medical bills after discovering that their insurance plan's limits were not sufficient to cover their treatment needs.

It is therefore necessary to thoroughly research your options for coverage to ensure you purchase a plan that features coverage limits high enough to always ensure you or your family's needs will be cared for.

Explanation Of Malaysia Health Insurance Coverage Limitations

While some disreputable insurers will offer coverage plans with absurdly low financial limitations, the majority of responsible and trustworthy insurers have very generous coverage limits typically ranging from $1 to 3.5 million US dollars. This limitation, often referred to as the Overall Maximum Benefit, represents the total amount that will be contributed by the insurer to maintain or restore an individual, family or group's total health within a specified amount of time or for a specific health condition.

Coverage limitations come in three primary forms. Below is a review of the common limitations imposed on health insurance coverage plans in Malaysia.

Annual Limit - this sets a predetermined maximum amount of assistance to be offered on a single policy within one policy year for any treatments received to treat any covered injury or illness.

Lifetime Limit – this is the maximum amount of assistance available for the entire life of the policy. Typically, this is applied to multi-year coverage policies.

Per Condition Limit – in some cases, each health condition will have its own maximum coverage benefit for a single policy year. This amount will be explained in the policy schedule and different conditions may have different limits.

It is important to understand up front what amount of coverage you are entitled to prior to purchase of any policy, as waiting until an injury or situation arises (which may come near to or exceed the policy limit) is extremely stressful and potentially financially devastating.

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