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Malaysia Inpatient Health Insurance Coverage

In-patient insurance coverage in Malaysia provides financial assistance and ensures access to quality healthcare and associated treatments for a covered injury or illness that requires overnight stay in hospital.

Also known as hospitalization coverage, in-patient coverage is not comprehensive but instead, it is intended to protect the insured in case of a major health issue, which tends to be the most costly type of treatment that the majority of people will encounter on a normal basis. Less serious treatments which do not require overnight hospitalization are usually excluded from coverage.

Since the coverage provided by in-patient insurance plans is more limited than some other forms of cover, premium fees are usually more affordable. Persons who prefer more complete coverage may prefer to purchase an out-patient insurance plan which usually provides much more comprehensive coverage.

In-Patient Malaysia Health Insurance Coverage

Every insurer in Malaysia offering in-patient medical insurance plans will have specific elements of coverage and almost every provider's plans will have some differences. It is therefore best to compare and contrast coverage options to determine which plan is best for your specific needs. Below are some general examples of treatments and care that are commonly included in in-patient insurance coverage.

Since the cost associated with most of the above mentioned items can be very high and in a major emergency the last thing most people want to think about is money, it is easy to see why in-patient insurance coverage plans are so popular to provide a basic level of protection against the most expensive potential health care situations.

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All coverage plans have differences and many are customizable to include additional coverage at extra cost. To learn more about a specific insurer's coverage or to get answers to your insurance related questions, click here to speak with one of our advisers immediately. Alternatively, you can have an adviser contact you at your convenience by completing the information request at the top of this page.