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Malaysia Chronic Condition Health Insurance

While the name ‘chronic health condition’ may invoke mental images of the terminally ill, the reality is that a chronic medical condition can be anything from headaches or sore knees to AIDS or cancer. The one factor that all chronic illnesses have in common is that there is no currently known and proven cure to treat the ailment. Instead, all that can be done is to treat the symptoms and try to control the disease to prevent its escalation or recurrence.

Malaysia Chronic Condition Insurance Coverage

Some very benign chronic conditions (such as mild headaches) are expected and therefore routinely included in most insurer's coverage plans. However, when a pre-existing chronic condition exists that is of a more serious nature, it may need to be reviewed prior to extension of coverage to determine if it can be included.

It is important to note that some health conditions, such as asthma and melanoma, may be considered chronic conditions and therefore may be excluded from some plans which do not typically include chronic coverage even though the condition or its symptoms were not evident prior to the purchase of the policy. This is because many chronic conditions are clinically present well before the insured is aware of them, or the condition is related to lifestyle or geographical location and thus the insured is at a high risk of presenting the condition.

For this reason, many who do not have evidence of any chronic conditions at the time of their policy purchase still choose a plan which includes chronic conditions as it can prove to be a good investment in the future, both financially and for their health.

If you are unsure what conditions may be considered chronic, or want to know which insurers can offer chronic condition coverage, speak to an adviser.

Malaysia Chronic Condition Coverage Options

Should you choose chronic condition coverage as a option for your Malaysia health insurance plan, there are typically three types of coverage available.

Acute Phase Only Coverage – this will cover treatments required to deal with the symptoms of an acute outbreak, sometimes called a “flare-up”. This type of coverage is specific for each type of chronic illness and not all ailments can be covered. Discuss your situation with an adviser to learn more.

Lifetime Limit Coverage – this type of cover sets aside a specific amount of funding to deal with a chronic condition for the full life of the insurance policy. The limitation comes into play when the full amount of financing available has been spent, any further treatment during the policy period for the chronic condition will be the sole responsibility of the insured.

Annual Limit Coverage – this coverage sets a maximum amount of financial assistance for treatment of the chronic condition within a single policy year. If the policy is renewed the following year, the annual limit may be re-applied to provide coverage for the condition again.

Please be aware that not all insurers offer chronic condition coverage and specific details of coverage vary between all providers. Thoroughly evaluate any coverage plan you considering before purchase to ensure that it meets all your necessary requirements.

Malaysia Chronic Condition Coverage Options

Finding the right coverage for yourself, your family, or your group can be a challenge - especially with so many plans and providers to choose from. Malaysia Health Insurance has advisers who are well-educated on coverage options available, have access to a vast database of information and are happy to answer your insurance-related questions. To speak with an adviser right away click here, or to have someone contact you at your convenience simply complete the information request at the top of this page.