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Malaysia Health Insurance Coverage Areas

While almost all domestic coverage plans in Malaysia are honored throughout the country and offer equivalent care, persons residing in Malaysia are increasingly finding themselves traveling abroad with regularity, either for work or pleasure. As a result of this,, many insurers offer options for coverage in and outside of Malaysia all through one policy.

The advantages to these international coverage plans include guarantee of access (while abroad) to the same level of healthcare that you are accustomed to at home in Malaysia. In addition, for frequent travelers, worldwide coverage alleviates the inconvenience of continually needing to purchase a new traveler's insurance plan for every international trip they need to make.

Geographical Coverage Areas Available

For anyone who determines they have a need for global health insurance coverage, there are generally two options to choose from.

As the names indicate, world-wide coverage is accepted globally, whereas world-wide coverage excluding the United States of America is honored everywhere except the USA.

The reason many insurers offer an option to exclude USA coverage is due to the extremely high cost of medical treatment in the United States. Since many people in Malaysia will not travel to the USA on an annual basis, they may determine that it is best to exclude it in order to reduce their annual premium cost. Should they decide to travel to the USA at a later time, the option always exists to purchase a traveler's insurance plan for that specific trip only.

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