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Malaysia Health Insurance » Insurance Coverage Summary

Malaysia Health Insurance Coverage Summary

The purpose of privately purchased health insurance plans in Malaysia is to offer the insured individual, family, or group peace of mind by providing assistance in accessing and affording needed medical treatments in the case of physical injury or covered illness.

Long-term plans are available in many coverage levels and for just about all budgets to meet the needs of any individual, family,or group/business.

For shorter-term visitors, coverage is also available from numerous insurers to protect their health and interests.

In addition, frequent international travelers have the option of worldwide coverage through the many global coverage plans that are available, providing equivalent high-quality coverage anywhere the insured desires to travel.

Malaysia Health Insurance Options

While this list is by no means exhaustive, below is a summary of some of the various forms of coverage available in Malaysia from many insurers serving the country:

Malaysia Health Insurance Information

Every insurance plan has requirements and limitations. Below is a list of links that discuss some of the most common sources of confusion for many:

Limitations and requirements will vary between providers and plan types. For this reason, it is always best to fully research each plan's options to ensure that it meets your specific needs.

Malaysia Health Insurance Definitions

The terms and language used by many providers to explain their policies may be confusing to many, yet it is crucial that you understand what coverage you are entitled to when you are considering purchase of a particular insurance plan. To find clear explanations for some of the most common terms and phrases used by many insurance providers visit our Malaysia Health Insurance Coverage Definitions page.

Malaysia Health Insurance Contact Us

It is very likely that after reviewing the summaries of coverage listed on this page you will have some questions regarding one or several plans you are considering. If you need any assistance or have concerns, please complete the information request at the top of this page and an adviser will contact you as soon as possible, or for more immediate help, click here to speak with us right away.